EXP Edition: A Discussion of Culture, Race, and Ownership in K-Pop

EXP Expedition. I remember hearing about this all-white K-Pop debut about three years ago. I watched a clip of their music video, and honestly wasn’t sure how to react. Something about it felt strange, like these white guys were pretending to be Korean. To me, it seemed disrespectful. I witnessed an absolute landslide of criticism [...]

Brigadeiros at the Confeitaria Colombo

Of course, one of the best parts of traveling is trying new foods. One of my favorites from Brazil was Brigadeiros. The name translates “brigadier” in English, which is believed to reference Eduardo Gomes, a popular Brigadier in the Brazillian Air Force in the 1940s. They were traditionally prepared by a “doceira” (a woman that made candies [...]

Modern K-Pop and Race, Part 2

“The World's Most Controversial K-Pop Group” left me considering many questions about modern K-Pop-- about its definition, its ownership, and its cultural impact. While they don’t have objective, easily-uncovered answers, I tried to dig into how modern fans perceive the genre and its limits. K-Pop as it is today, mainly run by enormous entertainment labels [...]

The Escadaria Selarón

The Escadaria Selarón is a beautiful work of art bordering the neighborhood of Lapa in Rio de Janeiro. It consists of 215 steps, leading to the Convent of Santa Teresa. The artist, Jorge Sealrón, moved to Lapa in the 1980s, where he fell in love with the Brazilian culture and decided to stay. In 1990, [...]

Full Monty at The Breakfast Club

On our final morning in London, we visited an adorable "caf", The Breakfast Club, in Soho.We enjoyed a full English breakfast, or the "Full Monty", including black sausage, fried bread, bacon, mushrooms, fried eggs, and tomatoes. One of my favorite things about this cute breakfast spot is that customers can decorate the wall with their [...]

The Palace of Versailles

The Palace of Versailles was absolutely beautiful. This elaborate structure has a history as rich as the royals who once resided there, and has served various roles in French society across the decades.   Dauphin, the future Louis XIII, first came to Versailles for a hunting trip in 1607.  At the time, Versailles was just [...]