Yeongdeok, a region on Korea’s East Coast, is known for its beautiful beaches and, above all, its snow crab. Crabs are EVERYWHERE, and are an integral part of the economy and culture. Driving through downtown, crab and fish vendors line the streets with tanks of live seafood. There is a Snow Crab Festival each year during March and April, which I would love to visit someday! The crab I enjoyed here was incredibly fresh and delicious. I have close friends who own a hotel right on the beach, Sunrise Motel 해맞이 모텔, who prepared a full seafood meal for me. I am so grateful for their kindness and definitely recommend this lovely hotel for a gorgeous view and traditional Korean cooking. Seen from the hotel’s balcony, the sun rising on the sea is truly amazing. Down on the beach, the water can be pretty cold, but we had fun searching for tiny baby crabs. Sunrise Park 해맞이 팍, which I believe is named for the dazzling sunrises that can be viewed on the East Sea, features beautiful walkways down towards that beach and scattered food carts. I especially liked the fried fish cakes, odeng 오뎅, and the small crab-shaped cookies! There is also a lot of interesting architecture throughout the park, including old airplanes and crab sculptures. This whole area is very beautiful and I can’t wait to return for more crab!



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