Miss Lee’s Café of Romance and Written Dreams

In the shopping district of Insadong, the Miss Lee Café 별다방미스리 offers traditional Korean meals, desserts, like mochi and bingsu, and a tasty variety of drinks.

Miss Lee Cafe
Miss Lee Café 별다방미스리, near the entrance to Insadong

This romantic cafe is covered with handwritten notes, confessions, and messages, and has an area devoted to writing on the wall.

It’s really fun to contribute your own thought and signature! This place became very popular after Yong-Hwa of CNBLUE and Seohyun of Girls Generation visited here on the television show “We Got Married”. This café boasts its celebrity endorsements, which I have noticed is very common for Korean businesses.

Miss Lee Cafe
The café boasts its celebrity visits and endorsements.

Dosirak 도시락, known as kwakbap 곽밥 in North Korea, is a traditional Korean packed lunch. A yennal-dosirak (옛날 도시락), or old-time dosirak, is a meal where various ingredients are added to a plastic or metal container, which is closed and shaken. Then, you open up and enjoy!

Miss Lee Café
Yennal-Dosirak Instructions

These traditional meals have a base of rice, and can include a variety of other ingrediants, including kimchi, egg, beef, and vegetables. Above the restaurant and on a bench inside, Miss Lee greets visitors as she waits for love.

Miss Lee
Miss Lee waiting for love…

I loved the romantic, light-hearted atmosphere here. This café captures a whimsical feeling of youthful romance and optimistic dreams, and it’s a great place to stop while in Insadong, shopping for a variety of traditional Korean goods.

XOXO, Seoulmate ♥

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