Beyond the Scene

BTS has officially rebranded, and their new international handle is “Beyond the Scene”.

BTS at Billboard Music Awards
BTS at Billboard Music Awards

Big Hit Entertainment stated: “The new BI (brand identity) of BTS symbolizes the youth that do not settle down to reality but open doors to move forward to grow…The design was visualized to express ARMY facing/meeting BTS at the doors when they open them, reflecting BTS’ moments of youth.” While 방탄소년단 still translates literally to “Bulletproof Boy Scouts”, they will now be known additionally as “Beyond the Scene”.

The new logo consists of two complimentary parts, representing the connection between BTS and ARMYs. When the two components are combined, the lines spell out “BTS”. There are several variations of the logo to further symbolize BTS’ connection with ARMYs. The logos are also meant to convey harmony between the past and the present, as BTS continues to grow and change.

Big Hit says: “We defined and visualized the universal combination of BTS’s album concepts and activities throughout time in a futuristic concept.” The new logo is featured at the end of BTS’ latest video, a cover of “Come Back Home”, a 1995 classic from the iconic Seo Taiji and Boys. The video includes a rap written by Rap Monster and J-Hope, but was released prior to the official name change announcement.

BTS’ official statement was: ““I really like the new BI. I was so excited that I wanted to show you guys even a day earlier. I feel especially good because it’s an image that connects us and ARMY into one!!” The change was so sudden…what do ARMYs think?

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