Costa Rica, Costa Pobre


Travelling to Costa Rica, was thrilled to immerse myself within a new way of life. Latin America was so different from any place I had experienced before, and working with people from a vastly different background allowed me to understand the true magnitude of global poverty. img_4134The suffering that I witnessed reached into my core, leaving an empty feeling of helplessness. The issue seemed purely overwhelming- cardboard box homes with tin roofs lined the street, covered the hillsides, stretched for miles.

We didn’t go travel to Costa Rica to merely hand out quickly expendable items or attempt to somehow solve all of the problems that exist there. On the contrary, we struggle to manage our own.

Our purpose there was rather to love, to show the kids and families that they are valuable by being present with them. I was amazed at how willing people were to receive what we had to offer, and honored by them teaching me so much in return. While we were only there for a short time, we quickly formed meaningful connections with the people there, especially the children. The people I met have shown me so much not only about their country and culture, but about the value of relationships, about unconditionally loving one another, and about finding ways to love life no matter our situation.

Maybe people were so open to us because we offered that which is needed and cherished the most, because it cannot be taken away by circumstance: love. I am a Christian, and I believe His love is what enabled us to connect with the kids and families we met- because He offers a love that overcomes human divisions, that is not limited by language or race. It’s ability to comfort, to encourage, and to heal makes it a vital presence in our lives and theirs. The love that we received in return from the children, who have comparatively little, has both warmed and broken my heart. I was blessed by their willingness to listen and receive love, and by the joy that they brought to us. img_4399Now, after our brief time of service, we can pray that God will continue to weave hope and love into Tirrases and communities like it, and try to extend the love we shared there with those near to us.

XOXO, Seoulmate ♥



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