DAY6 in Los Angeles

DAY6 was absolutely amazing live! I was so happy when they opened with one of my favorites, 아 왜.

The crowd had so much energy (like almost too much), and DAY6 really reflected it in their performance. Especially during the Q&A interaction, Jae continued to hype up the audience, to the point where a girl behind me screamed “Shut up, you’re being rude!” to those around her when Dowoon was speaking.

I have fallen in love with Day6’s music, and it was so much fun to be a part of their first US audience. I really admire that they write and play their own songs, in a way breaking the mould of corporate K-Pop.

Near the end of the concert, Jae was thanking the MyDays and he started reflecting on his long journey. He told us that performing for the first time in his hometown made this feel like his debut stage. Knowing how important this is to an artist, it was great to be part of the crowd that welcomed him back to where he started.


He talked about how he wasn’t very popular in school, and often had a bad attitude, but where you start doesn’t determine where you can go.”Don’t let anyone ever tell you you can’t do it…They’ll get in your face because you have a dream and tell you you can’t do it…screw them, you can do it. They’re jealous because you have something your going for, and they don’t.
If you have something you want to do…do it.”

XOXO, Seoulmate ♥

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