Modern K-Pop and Race, Part 2

“The World's Most Controversial K-Pop Group” left me considering many questions about modern K-Pop-- about its definition, its ownership, and its cultural impact. While they don’t have objective, easily-uncovered answers, I tried to dig into how modern fans perceive the genre and its limits. K-Pop as it is today, mainly run by enormous entertainment labels [...]

EXP Edition: A Discussion of Culture, Race, and Ownership in K-Pop

EXP Expedition. I remember hearing about this all-white K-Pop debut about three years ago. I watched a clip of their music video, and honestly wasn’t sure how to react. Something about it felt strange, like these white guys were pretending to be Korean. To me, it seemed disrespectful. I witnessed an absolute landslide of criticism [...]

You Did Well, Jonghyun

Kim Jonghyun: you did well, you did so well. Thank you for sharing your life, your passion, and your music with us. SHINee's music has actually changed the course of my life. Introducing me to K-Pop and Korean culture, your hard work means so much to me and many others. Your lyrics have connected with [...]

DAY6 in Los Angeles

DAY6 was absolutely amazing live! I was so happy when they opened with one of my favorites, 아 왜. The crowd had so much energy (like almost too much), and DAY6 really reflected it in their performance. Especially during the Q&A interaction, Jae continued to hype up the audience, to the point where a girl [...]

KCON Experience

KCON Los Angeles 2017 was an incredible experience! I met so many wonderful artists and creators at the forefront of the modern Hallyu wave, including makeup artist Das, beauty vlogger Edward Avila, and violinist and Youtuber JunCurryAhn. It was an honor to meet people I have followed and admired for so long. These artists and [...]

KCON Los Angeles

K-Pop has developed alongside the country of Korea itself, reflecting its joys, sorrows, and its rapid global success. KCON, started in 2012 through collaborations between Powerhouse Live, Mnet Media, CJ E&M and Koreaboo, celebrates Korean pop culture including music, entertainment, food, beauty, style. “Hallyu”, the Korean wave, continues to engulf the globe, and now created [...]

Beyond the Scene

BTS has officially rebranded, and their new international handle is "Beyond the Scene". Big Hit Entertainment stated: "The new BI (brand identity) of BTS symbolizes the youth that do not settle down to reality but open doors to move forward to grow...The design was visualized to express ARMY facing/meeting BTS at the doors when they [...]

Jejudo: Korean Paradise

Jejudo is a truly gorgeous island off of Korea’s southern coast. With green rolling hills and breathtaking ocean views, Jeju has earned its reputation as a must-see beauty. Stunning beaches and breezy cliffs have made this little island a highly popular honeymoon destination for decades. It became an especially popular for newlyweds following the Korean [...]

K-Pop: From Arirang to SNSD

The K-Pop industry today is an efficient, international powerhouse of talented and good-looking artists. Discovering K-Pop is what really introduced me to Korean culture, allowing me to explore this beautiful country. How did we get to modern K-Pop from traditional Korean songs, and how do these cultural roots still affect K-Pop today? In 1887, under [...]