Costa Rica, Costa Pobre

  Travelling to Costa Rica, was thrilled to immerse myself within a new way of life. Latin America was so different from any place I had experienced before, and working with people from a vastly different background allowed me to understand the true magnitude of global poverty. The suffering that I witnessed reached into my [...]

Jejudo: Korean Paradise

Jejudo is a truly gorgeous island off of Korea’s southern coast. With green rolling hills and breathtaking ocean views, Jeju has earned its reputation as a must-see beauty. Stunning beaches and breezy cliffs have made this little island a highly popular honeymoon destination for decades. It became an especially popular for newlyweds following the Korean [...]

Icons of Gyeongju: Bulguksa and Seokguram

Bulguksa Temple 불국사 is Gyeongju’s most iconic temple as well as a lasting symbol of Buddhism in Korea.  Located on the slopes of 토함산 Mount Toham, a sacred place during the Silla Dynasty, it currently serves as a head temple of the Jogye Order of Korean Buddhism. Seven National treasures are contained in the temple grounds, such as the Cheongun-gyo [...]

K-Pop: From Arirang to SNSD

The K-Pop industry today is an efficient, international powerhouse of talented and good-looking artists. Discovering K-Pop is what really introduced me to Korean culture, allowing me to explore this beautiful country. How did we get to modern K-Pop from traditional Korean songs, and how do these cultural roots still affect K-Pop today? In 1887, under [...]

Miss Lee’s Café of Romance and Written Dreams

In the shopping district of Insadong, the Miss Lee Café 별다방미스리 offers traditional Korean meals, desserts, like mochi and bingsu, and a tasty variety of drinks. This romantic cafe is covered with handwritten notes, confessions, and messages, and has an area devoted to writing on the wall. It's really fun to contribute your own thought [...]